ICG AWARD - Don't let your love annihilate

Congratulations to my friend and collaborator Michael Pescasio on winning an ICG Award at the Emerging Cinematographer Awards 2012.

Michael Pescasio – Don’t Let Your Love Annihilate

Camera operator Michael Pescasio hails from Baltimore, Maryland, where his interest in optics was piqued by a pair of polarized sunglasses. That led to photography, and a summer job at the local cinema. When the Barry Levinson feature film Tin Man came to town, he was hooked.

Pescasio worked as a union grip and electrician during and after his studies at USC. As a Technocrane operator, he worked with many top cinematographers. He also spent 12 years as a gaffer.

The first project he ever shot, Mrs. Marshall, earned an ECA nod in 2004.

Don’t Let Your Love Annihilate is a long-form music video directed by Bruno Miotto. The leads are a flirtatious girl and a boy who is intrigued by her. Two different visual environments were planned – blue for the boy and pink for the girl. The film was produced on practical locations in Venice, California with an ARRI ALEXA. 

“The look and feel were dictated by the locations,” says Pescasio. “We were running around grabbing shots and using a lot of available light. For most of the shoot, my only lighting gear was a 1×1 panel light with a belt battery.”

One set was constructed in the producer’s living room, where Pescasio was able to finesse the lighting. “This scene was the actress’s introduction to the world,” he adds. “She plays sexy, yet also insecure, and you can really feel her inner turmoil.”

Pescasio’s recent assignments include a pilot for a children’s show called Shushy Bye and a spot for the Tennessee Lottery.

by David Heuring and Beige Luciano-Adams