Italian artist Lorenzo Cherubini, alias Jovanotti, goes to New York. Visual Concept by Bruno Miotto - Directed by Gabriele Muccino.

Gabriele Muccino contacted me to work on his latest music video for Lorenzo Cherubini after he watched my indie Music Video for the upcoming rapper "Hunnit" (Deddrionne KeepitHunnit Morgan). He wanted to explore the camera technique I used for this video and the potential of its storytelling. It became a beautiful collaboration and we started to discuss about future projects. I want to personally thank everyone that has been involved in the making of this music video, especially the extraordinary Visual Effect Supervisor Stefano Leoni, one of my closest collaborator and friend and the whole EDI Post House in Milan.

Above you can see the original music video that I wrote and directed for "Hunnit", where I experimented this one shot technique.

This concept wouldn't have been possible without the help of my close friend Jorge Canedo Estrada, an extremely talented motion designer and a very close friend of mine. A special thanks goes also to Lorenzo Bona and Alan Calzatti.