FirstPeopleFirst meets Elisabetta Canalis

There’s only one way to wear a gun: dismantle it, break it into different parts and revisit each single piece into a precious element. A jewel to wear, a jewel to pass on a strong message, a jewel to transform a gun into a harmless weapon, only able to shoot at one’s attention. 

CALIBRO 12 is represented by a complete jewel line in pure gold or silver or further embellished by diamonds and rubies. It includes necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. The entire collection is inspired by the gun iconography reinvented in its aim and dismantled into its main parts: cylinder, bullet and loader. 

“I’ve always dreamt about realizing and being testimonial of a jewelry line“ – explains Elisabetta Canalis - “We concentrated on the gun as an object which deconstructed into its main parts it’s not a weapon anymore, but becomes a fascinating object, capable to inspire a hole collection. Only in this way a gun could be used. The message of this collection is therefore clear: THE ONLY WAY TO USE IT!”.